Project S.A.F.E. (Security Assessment for Everyone) is an interdisciplinary network to advance the psychology of security and improve policy on human security in all its forms. Combining resources to create new responsive ways of capturing what is concerning people at any given time, in any given context, so that responsible governments and other agencies can act on evidence that is reliable, valid, accountable and ethically defensible.  

We can collaborate with one another to create and promote research which focuses on how human security is conceptualised and how it feels to be secure human beings. We can work together to advance, change, and evaluate policies that improve levels of security, micro to macro and macro to micro, bottom up and top down, each matters in equal measure.

We ask that anyone who is interested to contact us about the possibility of joining the network. Everyone has the potential to contribute something.

Our collaborating researchers at Project S.A.F.E are:

Stuart Carr, Massey University, NZ

Veronica Hopner, Massey University, NZ

Darrin Hodgetts, Massey University, NZ

James Liu, Massey University, NZ

Nick Nelson, Massey University, NZ

Rhys Ball, Massey University, NZ

Kerry Chamberlain, Massey University, NZ

Pita King, Massey University, NZ

Daniel Bar-Tal, Tel Aviv University

John Horgan, Georgia State University

Gustavo Massola, University of São Paulo

Fathali Moghaddam, Georgetown University

Moh Hakim, Sebelas Maret University

Leo Marai, University of Papua New Guinea

Rosalind Searle, University of Glasgow

Raymond Saner, University of Basle, CSEND, Geneva

Lichia Yiu, CSEND [Centre for Socio-EcoNomic Development], Geneva

Davide Aloi, University of Birmingham

Ingrid Covington, Centre for Psychology at Work 

Please contact us about joining the network.